Singer. Songwriter. Farmer.

The songs Lyal Strickland writes are like the world he lives in: A little tough sometimes, doggedly inspiring at others, but always absolutely real. 


Strickland doubles as a working farmer so when he writes about surviving in modern-day America, he’s speaking from experience. As a proud 7th generation resident of Buffalo, MO, Strickland doesn’t have to look far to find material. Strickland’s natural territory remains the real-life working world, balancing his farming duties to spend more time on the road. According to Strickland, those two pursuits aren’t that different; you have to give them both all the passion you’ve got.

Listen to “Preservation” 

by Lyal Strickland

The Hotel Maid


Quarter million dollars don’t buy that much

Gonna need another hundred more to keep my daddy’s place up

Three years of taxes have gone unpaid And my girl pulls her weight as a hotel maid


I left the farm for a year or two Bought a half education that I never use

Papers in the desk where I never sit, Got a whole new group of associates


But you can’t spend your way out of nothing

That’s a big hole and you’ll never climb out

But if you’ve got a long handle on that shovel in your hands

You might hit rock and you’ll know where you stand

Modern association

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